Current research projects

Title Research project
Fernando Acero Meta-learning of Multiple Motor Control Skills for Autonomous Robots
Marian Andrecki Learning predictive models from observations
Daniel Angelov Causality and Planning in HRL for Robotics
Paola Ardón Ramírez Towards Robust Grasps: Using the Environment Semantics for Robotic Object Affordances
Martin Asenov (cohort student representative) Active Localization of Gas Leaks using Fluid Simulation
Paul Baisamy Variable Stiffness Actuation for Bioinspired Underwater Propulsion
Fazl Barez Constrained Machine Learning for Interpretability and Robustness
Vibhav Bharti Detection and Tracking of Subsea Pipelines from an AUV
Dr Andrew Brock Machine Analysis of Engineering Drawings
Mark Campbell Joint Spatial Calibration and Multi-Target Tracking
Yaniel Carreno Long-Term Autonomy for Multi-Agent Systems in the Maritime Domain.
Ioannis Chalkiadakis Towards explainable AI through data-driven, human-interpretable visualizations.
Iordanis Chatzinikolaidis Dynamic Multi-contact Motion Planning for Legged Robots
Filippos Christianos Exploration in Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
Andreas Christou Gait rehabilitation using function electrical stimulation (FES) and assistive exoskeletons
Derek Chun Application of energy based control algorithms on soft robotic systems.
Miruna-Adriana Clinciu Explainable AI via Bayesian Learning
Alexandre Colle The Role of Aesthetics in Social Robotic Design
Emanuele De Pellegrin (cohort student representative) Learning PDDL Domain Actions from Interaction with Robots
Paulius Dilkas Foundations for Inference in Probabilistic Relational Models
Traiko Dinev (cohort student representative) Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Ted Ding Adaptive Sensor Fusion for Resilient Vehicle Sensing
Mhairi Dunion Algorithms for Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning in Complex Environments
Elliot Fosong Model Criticism in Multi-Agent Systems
Helmi Fraser Towards Semantically Augmented Deep Learning for Mobile Robots
James Garforth (cohort rep) Navigation and Mapping of Natural Environments
Fraser Garrow Evolutionary approaches for improving the behaviour of robotic software components
Konstantinos Gavrillidis Explainable Autonomy in the Maritime Domain
Evripidis Gkanias Memory acquisition and retrieval in the insect brain
Daniel Gordon Design, Control & Evaluation of Wearable Robots
Calum Imrie Confidence in Autonomous Robotics Applications
Ian Johnson Efficient Sensor Fusion for Vision and Distance Data
Emmanuel Kahembwe Hierarchical prediction and planning for Human-Robot Interaction
George Kamaras Teaching Robots to Plan
Keyhan Kouhkiloui Babarahmati Compliant and Stable Robot Control for Human-Robot Cooperation
Teun Krikke Deep Learning of Human Activity in Audio and Video streams
Iris Kyranou Understanding Muscle Activation Patterns for Skilled Arm Movements
Thibault Lacourtablaise (cohort student representative) Manipulation of uncooperative objects in zero-gravity with modular self-reconfigurable robots.
Tatiana Lopez Adaptable Pouring: Teaching Robots Not to Spill using Fast but Approximate Fluid Simulation
Billy Lyons Self Organization in Heterogeneous Robot Swarms
Borja Marin Autonomous UAV Bridge Inspection
William McColl Spasticity Assessment and Treatment Using a Hand Exoskeleton
Christopher McGreavy Human Inspired Push Recovery for Locomotive Robots
Dr Ross McKenzie Modular Robotics for Sorting
Francisco Mendonca (PhD Working Title) Journeying from Embodiment to Emotions and Feelings in Artificial Cognitive Systems
Dr Wolfgang Merkt Experience-driven optimal motion synthesis in complex and shared environments
Boris Mocialov HRI with Limited Knowledge using Sign Language
Jhielson Montino Pimentel A Neurorobotics Approach to Unveil Motor Command Impairments in Parkinson’s Disease
Joao Moura Learning and Controlling Constrained Motions for Manipulation with Contacts
Chris Mower Shared Autonomy For Kinesthetic Tools
Shreyank Narayana Gowda Holistic Video Understanding Integrating Vision and Language
Emilyann Nault Socially Assistive Robots and Sensory Feedback for Age-Related Cognitive Decline Rehabilitation
Jun Hao Alvin Ng Sample-efficient model-based reinforcement learning for adaptive autonomy in dynamic and non-stationary environments
Pierre Nicolay Lifelong Learning for Vision based AUV Control
Malvina Nikandrou Grounded Visual Dialogue
Mateusz Ochal Few-Shot Learning for Underwater Image Classification
Èric Pairet Artau Anthropomorphic Bimanual Manipulation Learnt by Demonstration
Georgios Papoudakis Learning Representations in Multi-agent Systems
Jose L. Part Situated Interactive Lifelong Object Learning
Christian Rauch Articulated Tracking for Humanoid Manipulation Tasks
Jamie Roberts Task Decomposition of Multi-Robot Systems
Emily-Jane Rolley-Parnell (Cohort Student representative) Robotic Control Inspired by the Object Manipulation Performed by Harvester Ants
Martin Ross An Adaptive Robot for Sports and Rehabilitation Coaching
Hugo Sardinha Merging Swarm Intelligence and Probabilistic Motion techniques in Search and Rescue missions.
Karin Sevegnani Generating Dialog Responses for System Initiative
Marcel Sheeny All-Weather Object Recognition applied to Autonomous Cars using Infrared and Radar Sensing
Eli Sheppard Automatic Speech Recognition
Weronika Sieinska Conversational AI for Human-Robot Interaction
Joshua Smith Human-Robot Collaboration and Dynamic Identification
William Smith Reliable Place Recognition Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning
Gary Smith Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence for Reasoning About Mental States
Ronnie Smith (cohort student representative) Adaptation of Multi-Agent Systems in Ambient Assisted Living
Jan Stankiewicz Control mechanisms involved in dragonfly prey interception: a modelling approach
Theodoros Stouraitis Intention Aware Human-Robot Collaborative Manipulation of Large Objects
Artūras Straižys Deformable Object Manipulation using Force Feedback
Carlos Suarez Zapico Machine Learning for Underwater Robotic Manipulation
Alessandro Suglia Empowering Conversational Agents with Situated Natural Language Communication Skills by Exploiting Deep Reinforcement Learning Techniques
Eleftherios Triantafyllidis Pilot of The Future: Multi-Modal Effectiveness in Human Performance through Immersive Demonstrations
Hans-Nikolai Viessmann High-Performance Computing for Robotic Systems using Low-Power Accelerators
Isobel Voysey Minimat
Kyle Walker Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Operation in Rough Seas
Simon Wanstall Fabrication of small-scale untethered soft magnetic robots
Liam Wellacott A Neurorobotics and Spiking Neural Networks Approach to Cognitive Faculties of Reasoning and Planning
Nathan Western Development of an Automated Cleaning System for Train Carriages and the Confined Spaces Below the Seating Area
Xinnuo Xu Actor-critic Algorithm based User-data-driven Dialogue Generation (MSc Project)
Chuanyu Yang Deep reinforcement learning for Humanoid locomotion
Wei Yu A novel lifelong learning method applied to real-life settings
Kai Yuan (cohort student representative) Control and Learning of Versatile Legged Mobility on Complex Terrain