Alexandre Colle

Research project title: 
The role of companionship in robotics and the myth of the robot polymath.
Principal goal for project: 
The goal of this research is to study the impact amongst users, of a robot offering by its conception, a high range of choice for personal customisation.
Research project: 

The general topic of this inquiry looks at the methodology of design for new types of companions robots, in the context of
a domestic setting. Personalization is essential, but most of Human Robot Interaction (HRI) research focus on adaptive
behaviour for social interactions using commercially available devices. These robots represent finite projects, with very little
room left for meaningful physical alterations.

About me: 

Graduated with distinction from Central Saint Martins with a focus on industrial design (MA). Human-robot interaction designer freelance for the Small Robot Company. Successful entrepreneur (Hotel Particulier Montmartre _ Apologie Paris) with more than 10 years of experience in fashion, luxury and lifestyle (Versace, Gaspard Yurkievich). B.A. in Fashion and Luxury Goods at the University of Perpignan. Practice and research focus on the aesthetics and integration of robotics and Iot.

Student type: 
Current student