Bruce W Wilson

Research project title: 
The Impact of Narrative onHuman-Robot Interaction
Research project: 

In human-to-human interactions, narratives have shown to improve the effectiveness andcoherence of exchanged information, strengthen memory recall, and have other effectson the way information is processed. While research on these same effects in a human-to-virtual agent scenarios is improving, research on whether narratives from robots havethe same effects is lacking. Additionally, participant’s views of the robot’s animacy andbelieveability may play a role in the effect of the narrative. This work aims to investigatethese narrative impacts across different human-robot interaction tasks, namely naviga-tion, explanation, and decision aiding. By measuring similar metrics to those used inhuman-to-human interactions, a model of narrative human-robot interactions may beable to be developed, enabling further use of narratives within human-robot tasks

About me: 

I graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a distinction in Masters of Engineering in Software Engineering, alongside winning the British Computer Society Prize for best student on the MEng course.
In my spare time I work as an ambassador for the Scottish Huntington’s Association and HDYO, and proudly serve as an HD-Community Advisory Board team member.

Student type: 
Current student