Research in The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

The central theme running throughout our research is Interaction

Environment Interactions deals with physical interactions between a robot and the environment. It includes studies of contact dynamics, switching control, compliant manipulation, sensor performance/processing, active sensing, and abstraction to world modelling and planning.

Multi-Robot Interactions involve autonomous sensing and decision making for collaborative interactions between multiple, decentralised robotic systems with heterogeneous scales, mobility, processing capabilities and affordances to effectively collaborate and achieve complex tasks

People Interactions deals with interactions between robots and people in smart spaces that transcend the physical and virtual divide by including factors such as human perception mechanisms, shared control in mixed human-robot teams, affective computing and natural multi-modal interfaces.

Self Interactions deals with robotic introspection for condition monitoring, prognostics and health management, and long term persistent autonomy including validation and verification.

Enablers involve architectural system design, linked to novel embodiment using soft materials, micro and nano-sensors, and embedded multi-core computing.