Research Themes

Research in the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics covers a number of core themes spanning a range of research topics in robotics and autonomous systems. See the list of  academics for more information about research topics.

The ECR's research generally falls into one of the core themes below:

(details of each theme to be added)

  • Bio-inspired Robotics 
    • Alistair McConnell and Barbara Webb 
  • 2D and 3D Vision and Perception
    • Hakan Bilen and Audrey Repetti 
  • Healthcare robotics
    • Suphi Erden and Marta Romeo
  • Generative AI for Robotics
    • Oliver Lemon and Alessandro Suglia
  • Reasoning, Control, Learning
    • Ron Petrick  and Mohan Sridharan 
  • Field Robotics
    • Fernando Auat and Ignazio Viola
  • Control for the real world
    • Carlos Mastalli and Steve Tonneau 
  • Robotics, Safety, and Society
    • Ioannis Konstas
  • Multi-agent Robotic Systems
    • Stefano Albrecht and Ignacio Carlucho 
  • Human-Robot Interaction 
    • Lynne Baillie and Ram Ramamoorthy