Research in The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

The central theme running throughout our research at the Centre for Doctoral Training is Safe Interaction, which is broken down into the following four themes:

1. Physical Interactions deals with the interaction between the robot and the environment and includes studies in control, actuation, compliance, sensing, mapping, planning, embodiments, swarms.
2. People Interactions deals with interactions between robots and humans in a variety of settings and applications and includes studies in human-robot interaction, affective robotics, smart spaces, human-robot teaming, collaborative decision-making, cobots, multimodal interfaces.
3. Self-Interactions deals with introspection for condition monitoring, prognosis, explainable AI, certification, verification, safety, security, multi-agent interactions.
4. Interaction Enablers deals with core technologies for Robotics and Autonomous systems and includes studies in vision, embedded and parallel computing, novel and soft fabrication methods, optimisation, (transparent) machine learning, deep reinforcement learning and other AI techniques inc. natural language processing (NLP).