Jonah Mack

Research project title: 
Dexterous Untethered Soft Robotics
Research project: 

Investigation into systems level design of untethered soft robots for dynamic motion. Control systems and motion generation for use in soft robotics, as well as hydraulic and fludiic control of soft actuators.

About me: 

BEng in Mechanical Engineering, University of Edinburgh, 2018-2022

PhD, Centre for Doctoral Training in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2022-2026

Jonah’s undergraduate thesis focused on the development of a brittle star inspired soft actuation, which was then published in Engineering Research Express with a focus on the use of embedded Hall effect sensors for a closed feedback composite limb. Alongside this, Jonah has 4 years of technical leadership and aerospace experience at the University of Edinburgh Rocketry team, endeavour. Jonah’s research focus combines these previous experiences by focusing on the dynamic motion potential of untethered soft robots.

Student type: 
Current student