Shreyank Narayana Gowda

Research project title: 
Understanding Videos in the Real World: Faster and with Limited Data
Principal goal for project: 
Better understanding of videos in real-world scenarios.
Research project: 

The core of my PhD revolves around understanding videos in the real world. This would include settings with limited data . Examples of such settings are the zero-shot and few-shot settings. Also, since video understanding models such as action recognition are extremely expensive to train and execute, I also look at the possibility of speeding up action recognition models.

About me: 

I'm a PhD student affliated with IPAB in the Informatics department at the University of Edinburgh where I am supervised by Laura Sevilla-Lara and co-supervised by Frank Keller. I am fortunate to be able to collaborate with Marcus Rohrbach of Facebook AI Research. I broadly work on video based computer vision applications. Before coming to Edinburgh, I spent two wonderful years as a masters student at Tsinghua University after being awarded a Chinese Government Scholarship on recommendation of the university, under the supervision of Chun Yuan.