Zebin Huang

Research project title: 
Assured Underwater Data Acquisition
Principal goal for project: 
The main thrust of the project will be to develop techniques to robustly acquire data and validate that the data gathered is valid and of sufficient quality to perform specific inspection and manipulation tasks. The techniques should include specific algorithms to identify when the raw data is outside the limits of processing algorithms, adapt the vehicle mission to explore the acquisition parameters to improve raw data and select the best sets of modalities to perform sensor fusion based on the reliability index extracted from the raw data.
Research project: 

The project will focus on robust multi-sensor fusion and data acquisition strategies for underwater perception underwater. Underwater sensing is particularly challenging as conditions are highly variable and dynamic. Fixed data extraction and analysis framework tend to be very brittle when used on real environments. Rule based techniques have been used to adapt data acquisition with limited success.

About me: 

I am currently a PhD student in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the ESPRC Centre for Doctoral Training. Prior to this, I completed an MSc in Human and Biological Robotics at Imperial College London and a dual BEng in Ocean Technology and Computer Science and Technology at Dalian University of Technology. My research interests lie in the fields of robotics, reinforcement learning, and human-machine interaction. I have also gained practical experience through an internship at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.