Nathan Western

Research project title: 
Development of an Automated Cleaning System for Train Carriages and the Confined Spaces Below the Seating Area
Principal goal for project: 
The development of an automated train carriage cleaning system, employing a novel manipulator for the collection of waste in confined areas, computer vision tools for identifying waste and localisation and mapping software to navigate the train carriage.
Research project: 

This work explores current developments in three major research areas: machine learning, robot arm dynamics for challenging environments, and navigation techniques applying known and partly known topologies to mapping and localisation algorithms. Current work has seen success modifying machine learning architectures for waste classification and comparing these models to the current state-of-the-art networks used for large-scale classification problems. This is being incorporated into algorithms to inform the movement of a manipulator arm for collecting waste and a program to navigate towards waste items. 

Student type: 
Current student