Maks Gepner

Research project title: 
Rotran: industrial-scale self-building modular robotics
Principal goal for project: 
Develop the Rotran robot to a TRL which would enable insertion into applications in the offshore and space industries.
Research project: 

Carrying out unmanned inspection & maintenance tasks on offshore wind turbines is challenging due to the adverse weather conditions present, as well as the limited operating time of aerial and underwater robots. The Rotran project aims to overcome these issues by integrating a modular, self-constructing robot directly into the piece of infrastructure, providing a versatile, adaptable platform capable of individual operation or interaction with other application-enabling robots. Rotran builds on the success of the Connect-R nuclear decommissioning robot realised as part of the ORCA Hub.

About me: 

Maks graduated with an MEng degree in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 2021. Maks’ master’s thesis focused on leveraging fluidics to allow for long-duration robotic operation under extreme conditions on the surface of the planet Venus. Before that, he has also spent 7 months working as an automation engineer in Formula 1 and worked on his own startup projects.

Student type: 
Current student