Gary Smith

Research project title: 
Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence for Reasoning About Mental States
Principal goal for project: 
Develop and evaluate a statistical relational artificial intelligence based system to allow robots to infer and reason about the internal states of other agents. The system should take advantage of both the reasoning and learning tools of StarAI.
Research project: 

To fluidly, appropriately, and flexibly interact with other agents, both artificial and human, an autonomous system needs to infer and reason about the internal states of those other agents. This includes reasoning about the goals and plans of the other agents in the system; tracking beliefs and inferring the perceptual states of other agents.

We have identified statistical relational artificial intelligence (StarAI), specifically the probabilistic logic programming language Problog, as a powerful framework that could potentially capitalise on the strengths of different approaches. We propose to use Problog to develop a system that can reason about the internal states of other agents. More specifically, we intend to build agent architectures that can perform intent recognition, manage a knowledge base that represent the beliefs of multiple agents, recognise possibly inaccurate beliefs, and update it's knowledge base given trust parameters and information gained from intent recognition.

Student type: 
Current student