Eleftherios Triantafyllidis

Research project title: 
Deep-Multimodal Immersion: Multi-Modal Effectiveness in Human Performance through Immersive Demonstrations
Principal goal for project: 
The investigation of how different multisensory devices and multimodal sensory data, affect human perception and motor performance, coupled with effective evaluation methods to help quantify these. Our future goal is not only to properly understand (and most importantly measure) how different multimodal interfaces affect human perception and by extent performance, but also how these could be translated to effective transferable skills for intelligent robots operating in complex environments.
About me: 

Hello, my name is Eleftherios Triantafyllidis, CDT student in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems program of the 2018 cohort. I did my Masters by Research degree (University of Edinburgh) during 2018/2019 and I am currently pursuing my PhD degree (3rd Year). I'm interested in the following research areas: Human-Computer/Robot Interactions, Multi-Sensory/Multi-Modal Integration, Mixed-Reality Technologies, Imitation Learning and Learning from Demonstrations (LfD) as well as Brain-Machine Interfaces, If you would like to see a visual representation (videos) of my current projects, I kindly invite you to visit my website: https://triantafyllidis.wixsite.com/portfolio