Peter Fagan

Research project title: 
Language-Mediated Robot Task Planning
Principal goal for project: 
The principal goal of my research is to develop planning methods that enable robots to solve complex long-horizon tasks in everyday human environments. My hope is that the methods I develop throughout my research career will contribute to the deployment of robots to solve problems in unstructured human environments.
Research project: 

My research focuses on developing novel planning methods for complex multi-step robot tasks. I am particularly focused on how the structure of both formal and informal languages can be used to solve planning tasks. To this end, my research is focused on language grounding, knowledge acquisition and inference methods.

About me: 

I previously received a BSc in Mathematical Sciences from the University College Cork (2015-2019) and completed part-time graduate studies in Computer Science at Stanford University (2020-2022).

I am an active contributor to the MoveIt 2 project, in particular, I developed a new Python library for the project called moveit_py.

I am also an active member of ML Collective where I participate in the robotics interest group.

Outside of my research, I enjoy hiking, sea swimming, lifting weights and playing music (piano).