Craig Hamilton

Research project title: 
3D Mapping Using Event Cameras
Principal goal for project: 
Design and development of a 3D vision system using event cameras and active illumination.
Research project: 

Event cameras are a new form of bio-inspired sensors that take inspiration from the human eye. Rather than an image, event cameras output a stream of events that represent a change of brightness in the scene. By exploiting the high temporal resolution and asynchronous data we can understand the key information about the scene much faster than a conventional camera. Combining this with active illumination, events can be generated on demand and the 3D structure of the scene be derived at the resolution needed for the current task. This new form of vision system has particular applications in underwater robotics where a small affordable "Kinect-like" sensor does not currently exist, and where other sensors cannot be used.

About me: 

I graduated with a Masters degree in Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems from Heriot-Watt in 2021. During my undergraduate, I focused on Vision Systems, Image Processing and Automotive Embedded Systems. Alongside this I spent 5 years as a member of Heriot-Watts Formula Student Project HWRacing, becoming Project Manager in my 4th Year. Through the combination of my undergraduate and Formula Student, I've been able to gain both technical, management and leadership skills. Prior to my PhD, I spent 2 months working on a project using Compressing Sensing, ADMM and Multi-Target Tracking for the imaging of radioactive sources.