Paul Baisamy

Research project title: 
Variable Stiffness Actuation for Bioinspired Underwater Propulsion
Research project: 

This project aims to study the use of Variable Stiffness Actuators (VSA) embedded in aquatic propulsors to ensure persistent operation at maximum propulsive efficiency. In particular, aquatic propulsors using pulsed-jet propulsion inspired by squids, octopuses and jellyfishes are considered . The interconnections between added-mass, frequency of actuation and vortex rings are studied as well as their impacts on the efficiency of the propulsors.

About me: 

After graduating from the University of Technology of Compiegne in Mechanical Engineering (MEng) in 2018, I worked as an R&D engineer for 2 years in Corwave, a company that develops pulsatile cardiovascular assistive devices. There, I designed an electromagnetic actuator for a minimally invasive pump, worked on the assembly processes of a fully invasive pump and worked on developing new concepts and prototypes of disruptive blood pumps. In particular, I gained experience in pulsatile devices which led me to this PhD.

Student type: 
Current student