Dr Iordanis Chatzinikolaidis

Research project title: 
Optimization-based Multi-contact Motion Planning for Legged Robots
Principal goal for project: 
The principal goal of my research is to create algorithms that are able to produce dynamic and efficient walking for legged robots across a large variety of environments. I am interested in designing frameworks that are principled and able to generate motion plans for a wide range of scenarios in a unified manner.
Research project: 

Legged robots have improved mobility and are able to navigate a larger variety of terrains than wheeled robots. They are able to traverse environments, both continuous and discontinuous, e.g. with gaps, without requiring special consideration like roads, while at the same time they are able to exhibit comparable efficiency. Unfortunately, these benefits come with higher computational cost and complexity, which hinders their widespread adoption. In order to overcome this, past research was focused on using simple (template) models able to capture the most important aspects of the desired motion. These models are usually very particular and do not generalize across the situation in a straightforward manner. My research focuses on model-based optimization methods, able to create motions in a coherent manner that could be applied to a variety of situations and terrains.

About me: 

I was a PhD student at the Edinburgh Centre of Robotics supervised by Dr Zhibin Li. Before that, I completed an MSc in Automation Systems with a specialization in Automatic Control Systems and Robotics at the School of Mechanical Engineering and an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both at the National Technical University of Athens.

I'm now working as a software engineer at CMR Surgical providing minimal access surgery to everyone.