Emilyann Nault

Research project title: 
Engaging Older Adults in Cognitive Activities through Socially Assistive Robots and Sensory Feedback
Principal goal for project: 
My research aims to increase engagement with cognitive activities modelled after formal cognitive training exercises for typically ageing older adults (those without mild cognitive impairment or dementia) through the use of socially assistive robots and sensory feedback. Machine learning will also be incorporated to personalise the interaction in real time. Improving engagement in this area can aid in retaining cognitive function and slowing the rate of cognitive decline, thus helping to alleviate the growing pressure on both care facilities and the healthcare system as a whole. During the first three years of this research, we have employed user studies and Participatory Design methodologies to keep end users and health care professionals at the centre of this research. We will continue to do so and are always looking for interested parties who would like to be involved.