Emilyann Nault

Research project title: 
Socially Assistive Robots and Sensory Feedback for Age-Related Cognitive Decline Rehabilitation
Principal goal for project: 
My research aims to increase engagement with cognitive rehabilitation tasks for individuals with age-related cognitive decline (ARCD) in order to maximise the therapy's potential impact and combat personal and logistic factors that can impact treatment adherence. To achieve this objective, the proposed system will adapt the socially assistive robot behaviour, cognitive task, and sensory feedback based on engagement level assessed from physiological sensors.
Research project: 

To initiate this research, we developed a socially assistive robot (SAR)-facilitated memory game with the aim of informing the design of a cognitive rehabilitation system for individuals with ARCD. The game utilises the tactile sensors on the SAR Pepper and also employs haptic and auditory feedback. Currently, we are focusing on making improvements to the system based on feedback from the nine young adults who participated in our feasibility study, which has been published in the 2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction as a late-breaking report. The next step will be to test the improved memory game with older adults. This study will assess the game with two different socially assistive robots, Pepper and Nao, to determine if there is a preference for robotic platform.