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Faculty Hire in Robotics (Reader/Lecturer)

The School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh is recruiting a tenured faculty in Robotics and Control (Keywords: Adaptive Control, Humanoids, Locomotion, High DOF Planning, Machine Learning) -- at Lecturer (US equivalent Assistant Professorship - but with tenure) or where appropriate, at Reader (Associate Professorship) level.

Applications are invited from leading researchers and rising stars with a demonstrated track history of world class publications and hands-on experience with real world platforms.

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University of Edinburgh

Scanning Arm

Model: Romer Absolute Arm - 7 Axis SI
Manufacturer: Hexagon Metrology
Specifications: 2.5m, Accur ± 0.038 mm
Applications: Quality control, installation and tolerance control , precise measurements, precise laser scanning, reverse engineering

It is widely available at other UK locations.

Laser Cutter

Model: Fusion 32
Manufacturer: Epilog
Specifications: 60W CO2 Working area 812x508mm (32"x20")
Applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction

It is widely available at other UK locations

CNC Router

Model: ShopBot PRS Alpha 96-60
Manufacturer: PRS Alpha
Specifications: 2.2kW, 20 000rpm spindle, Working area 2440 x 1520 x 150mm ( 96"x 60"x 6")
Applications: Large scale models, Mouldings, architectural elements, furniture elements

It is widely available at other UK locations.

Multisense SL

Tri-modal Sensor (Laser, 3D stereo and Video) Combined in a Rugged Unit with Single GigE Output.  Used for mapping and localisation.

Available at a few other UK locations.

Protolaser U3 System

Model: Protolaser U3
Manufacturer: LPKF
Specifications: Wavelength 355 nm, Working area 229 x 305 x 10 mm (9” x 12” x 0.4”)       
Applications: Structuring laminated substrates, Cutting rigid, flex-rigid and flexible materials, Drilling and machining ceramics, Structuring TCO/ITO, etc.

The Protolaser U3 System is widely available at other UK Locations.