Areas of Research

INTERACTION : Environments : Multi-Robots : People : Self : Enablers 

Research in the Centre's five themes is underpinned by established bodies of theoretical work.

We aim to apply fundamental theoretical methods to real-world problems on real robots to solve pressing commercial and societal needs.


    Underpinning Theory
Interaction Themes Modelling & Estimation Logic & Semantic Representation Search & Optimization Learning & Adaptation Bio-Inspired Methods Cognitive Modelling
1 Environment Interactions: Control, Actuation, Sensing, Planning, World Modelling x x x x x  
2 Multi-Robot Interactions: Collaborative Decision Making, Swarming x   x x x  
3 People Interactions: Affective Computing, Smart Spaces x x x x   x
4 Self Interactions: Condition Monitoring, Health Management, Prognostics, Persistent Autonomy x x x x   x
5 Enablers: Architectures and Embodiments, Validation & Verification x x x x x  

Table 1 : INTERACTION themes and their key underpinning theoritical methods


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