Current research projects

Title Research project
Marian Andrecki Goal-driven and cost-aware learning
Daniel Angelov Physical Scene Understanding Through Active Manipulation
Vibhav Bharti Detection and Tracking of Subsea Pipelines from an AUV
Andrew Brock SMASH: one-Shot Model Architecture Search through Hypernetworks
Ioannis Chalkiadakis Building trust in Recurrent Neural Networks through data-driven, human-interpretable visualizations.
Derek Chun Application of energy based control algorithms on soft robotic systems.
James Garforth Navigation and Mapping of Natural Environments
Daniel Gordon Modelling of a human/exoskeleton system
Calum Imrie Confidence in Autonomous Robotics Applications
Emmanuel Kahembwe Hierarchical prediction and planning for Human-Robot Interaction
Teun Krikke Deep Learning of Human Activity in Audio and Video streams
Iris Kyranou Understanding Muscle Activation Patterns for Skilled Arm Movements
Thibault Lacourtablaise (cohort student representative) Manipulation of uncooperative objects in zero-gravity with modular self-reconfigurable robots.
Tatiana Lopez Estimation of fluid properties using probabilistic reasoning in a general purpose robot
Ross McKenzie Exploring the Applications of Morphological Computation and Complexity
Francisco Mendonca (MSc) Mutual Gaze Controller for iCub: Markov Modelling of Human gaze
Wolfgang Merkt (cohort student representative) Robust Optimal Control for Humanoids
Boris Mocialov HRI with Limited Knowledge using Sign Language
Joao Moura Application of force control to a robotic manipulator for cleaning a non-flat surface
Chris Mower Shared Autonomy For Kinesthetic Tools
Jose Part Development of a Framework for Knowledge Acquisition and Grounding through Situated Interactive Dialogue and Visual Cues
Christian Rauch Articulated Tracking for Humanoid Manipulation Tasks
Raluca Scona Humanoid Visual SLAM Fusing Proprioception
Eli Sheppard Automatic Speech Recognition
Jan Stankiewicz Control mechanisms involved in dragonfly prey interception: a modelling approach
Theodoros Stouraitis Intention Aware Human-Robot Collaborative Manipulation of Large Objects
Hans-Nikolai Viessmann High-Performance Computing for Robotic Systems using Low-Power Accelerators
Xinnuo Xu Actor-critic Algorithm based User-data-driven Dialogue Generation (MSc Project)