Wave Plus wireless EMG

This system is used for recording Electromyography signals from human muscles. In ECR, we are interested in understanding the human body activity needed to generate the fine manipulations for highly skilled and professional tasks that are typical in minimally invasive surgical operations in medicine, and manual welding in industrial manufacturing. The EMG measurement system enables us to record and analyse the arm muscle activity of novice versus professional subjects, and that of trainee subjects, throughout the course of training. These analyses help us to understand how the arm muscles are used, specifically what patterns of synergetic muscle activation occur, during skilled manipulation. Such knowledge can be used to develop robotic trainers to ease and speed up the training process of novice subjects and to develop robotic assistants to help novice people to perform as well as professionals. In ECR we are also using the EMG recording system to develop a robotic prosthesis device wearable by an amputee subject that enables her/him to perform grasps with the robot hand attached to the wearable. Specifically we use the EMG recordings to differentiate across different hand grasps by analysing the lower arm muscle activities. EMG signals are used in real time to activate the robotic prosthesis by intention of the amputee subject. 


Heriot-Watt University
Robotics and Control Lab EM G.17
Research area(s): 
Enablers, People Interactions
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Robotarium-West Equipment