Dr Jan Stankiewicz

Research project: 

Thesis Title: Using a quadcopter to model the visual navigation behaviours of flying insects

Examiners: Prof. Andrew Philippedes (University of Sussex) and Dr Chris Xiaoxuan Lu (University of Edinburgh)

About me: 

In 2008 I graduated from the Uinversity of Sheffield with an Meng in Mechatronics and subsequently worked at JaguarLandrover for five years as an electrical systems engineer. During this time I developed distributed safety critical security systems, such as electronic steering column locks for keyless entry cars. I left Jaguarlandrover in 2013 in order to travel. Between 2014 and 2015 I worked briefly for Martin Aircraft as an aircraft systems engineer.

Academic areas of interest:

Biologically inspired robotics, Vision, Navigation/SLAM, UAVs, Neural computation


Student type: