Ciaran Johnson

Research project title: 
The Automation of Potato Farming
Principal goal for project: 
The principal goal of this project is to fully automate the farming of potatoes.
Research project: 

My research looks into the automation of potato framing from preparing the field to harvesting the crops. Various topics such as sensing, modelling, phenotyping, prognosis and harvesting will be covered during the course of my research. I will look into the use of Agribots as well as IoT systems in potato harvesting. This research requires the study of farm management practices as well as current manual and mechanical techniques to farming potatoes.

About me: 

I gained my integrated Master in Informatics (MInf) at the University of Edinburgh. The highlights of my masters was being team leader for the winning team in the SDP assistive robotics course. Along with three other friends we won the HackUPC FakeNews Detection challenge in 2018.

During my masters I gained an interest in Machine Learning, IoT and Natural Language Processsing. The two dissertations I completed during my studies where based on the use of social network analysis in recommendation systems to handle the cold start problem and the second was looking into the use of thematic modeling for a company.

Student type: 
Current student