Student trip to Firbush

A group of CDT RAS students have just returned from two action packed days at the University of Edinburgh’s Firbush Outdoor Centre near Killin. After packed lunch on arrival at Firbush, the Firbush staff briefed everyone about the site and the activities. In the afternoon students spilt into two groups.  One went kayaking, starting with a trip up the loch, and finishing with kayak games in the harbour. The other group was paddle boarding and went for a trip in the opposite direction, finishing off with some challenges on the paddle boards. After an excellent dinner everyone regrouped in the Sinderson Room for the evening's Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) activity, splitting into 4 groups to look at doomsday scenarios related to each groups' research activities, and how best to avoid these scenarios. When that was complete, a group game of werewolves and villagers got underway bringing the whole group together.

Students chose to spend the Tuesday morning session canoeing and kayaking, orienteering and cycling. The canoe trip headed to look at the beaver lodge on an island at the head of the loch. The orienteers stretched their activity out to include lunch out on the hillside, while the cyclists explored nearby Killin.

After lunch the students participated in windsurfing, orienteering and cycling. The windsurfing was a great success with all 9 people up and sailing at the same time, although the wind subsequently dropped which made it more challenging to keep sailing. The orienteers had a good walk up the hill behind Firbush and the cyclists once again went round Killin. After an excellent dinner everyone regrouped for the reporting back on the RRI doomsday scenarios which brought up a number of interesting points. When this was complete further games of werewolves and villagers got underway.

After another great breakfast on Wednesday morning everyone returned to Edinburgh.  The trip was a great opportunity to encourage cohort building amongst the students, who reported that the Firbush staff were excellent and looked after them very well.

Thanks to Maks Gepner, Hao Yu and Dr Kartic Subr for providing the photos.