ECR students take part in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence discussion

Teun Krikke (2014 cohort), Joao Moura (2015 cohort)  Xinnuo Xu (2016 cohort), and Martin Asenov (2016 cohort) all sat on the Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Panel - EUYSRA. Teun reported that the event attracted a diverse crowd of students from a variety of educational backgrounds including Biology, Engineering, the Arts and Sociology. The students asked a wide range of questions during both the presentations and the panel discussions.

One student asked the panel to discuss Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and the dangers of AI. This proved to be one of the most interesting discussion topics and also presented the panel with some of the most challenging questions to answer! Further discussion centred around robotics and where the field of Robotics & Autonomous Systems would be in 20 years. There followed a number of interesting discussions around this topic and there was a strong focus on whether robotics can mirror human behaviours. Summing up, Teun said that the day was both fun and interesting with plenty of opportunities for students to network and everyone agreed that the day was a huge success!