Professor David Lane appointed as a Maritime 2050 panel expert

Maritime 2050 will be a bold new strategic vision to ensure that the UK maritime sector remains a leading global power, strengthening the UK economy for 2050 and beyond.

Professor David Lane has been appointed to the Maritime 20150 panel by the Secretary of State and will look strategically at the issues that will be of critical importance to the maritime industry, and all the industries it sustains, up to 2050. 

· The Panel will provide challenge to government and will have a major role in reviewing the development of Maritime 2050 and its findings, offering recommendations and authoritative advice on strategic direction where necessary. 

· The expert panel members are drawn from industry leaders, academics, maritime business services providers and promotional bodies. They represent a variety of perspectives and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will prove invaluable to determining the UK maritime sector’s long term goals, 

· Evaluating the evidence collated as part of the consultation process, the panel will use their individual expertise to bring together a unified strategic vision for the sector’s future that will inform joint government and industry action.

Working in partnership with industry, the Government aims to challenge the sector to think about what it will look like in 2050. This vision will reinforce the development of a long-term strategy by the end of 2018 that emphasises the opportunities for the UK maritime sector and supports the realisation of significant economic potential.

The expert team will work with industry to help make sure the UK stays at the forefront of global shipping and is linked to the recently launched Call for Evidence on Maritime 2050