Invitation to contribute to the Lloyd's Register Foundation RAS Foresight Review Survey

Lloyd’s Register Foundation has identified Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) as a key technology that impacts on the Foundation’s core objectives and has therefore commissioned a team led by Professor David Lane , Edinburgh Centre for Robotics Director, to produce a Foresight Report.

The team aims to capture inputs for each of the themes from a diverse international community of stakeholders, including but not limited to users, companies, scientists, ethicists, economists, investors, sponsors and regulators. If you would like to contribute, please answer the survey at

So far, the team have identified eight key themes that align with the Foundation’s approach, global safety and education remit:

  • RAS and system design
  • Asset protection and risk reduction with RAS
  • RAS and Big Data
  • RAS and local data
  • Public attitudes towards RAS
  • Regulation and smart procurement
  • Human and social factors
  • RAS and the Internet

The Review will be published approximately in May 2016 on the Foundation's website and at a formal launch.

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) is a global charity whose aim is to protect the safety of life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement, and the application of scientific research.

Lloyd's Register Foundation Foresight Reviews

To help with focusing its activities, the Foundation undertakes Foresight Reviews in hand-picked technology areas. The findings of these reviews are openly published for others to build on and are used by the Foundation to direct its charitable investment in research and education.

The team is formed by:

  • David Lane (Edinburgh Centre for Robotics)
  • Richard Clegg (Lloyd’s Register Foundation)
  • Ruth Boumphrey (Lloyd’s Register Foundation)
  • David Bisset (iTechnic)
  • Rob Buckingham (RACE, UK Atomic Energy Authority)
  • Tony Prescott (Sheffield Robotics)
  • Geoff Pegman (RUR)

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