EPSRC Humanoid Robotics Sandpit held at the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

On 3rd and 4th November 2015, researchers from the groups of Nicolas Mansard (LAAS, Toulouse), Jeremy Wyatt (U. of Birmingham) and Matt Howard (Kings College London) visited for two days to discuss avenues for potential collaboration in the area of humanoid control and manipulation. After a presentions from the visiting groups, Edinburgh research staff and PhD students gave a tutorial session demonstrating their humanoid simulation environment, research in whole-body motion planning and locomotion.

The event was funded via an EPSRC Institutional Support grant which is designed to support collaborations and is associated with the Edinburgh NASA Valkyrie humanoid project. The groups will continue the collaboration with more events in 2016.

The staff and students from the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics involved were:
- Prof Sethu Vijayakumar, Dr Maurice Fallon and Dr Valdimir Ivan
- CDT-RAS students Marco Caravagna, Wolfgang Merkt and Raluca Scona, and aligned Ph.D. student Yiming Yang.

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