Psychology Keynote Talk: Comparing human and computer ‘perception’ of faces

There will be a Psychology Keynote talk by Professor Peter Hancock, University of Stirling, at on Friday of this week 28th Feb. 2020, at 4.00pm in F21 7 George Sq.

All welcome

Title: Comparing human and computer ‘perception’ of faces
Abstract: Computer face recognition now comfortably out-performs typical humans at matching unfamiliar faces. Do computers do the same thing, just better, or are they working in some fundamentally different ways? I shall present data from various face matching experiments to explore what sort of things trouble humans and computers, whether we find  the same things difficult.

Bio: Peter Hancock has a first degree in Chemistry, an MSc in Intelligent systems and a PhD in Computing Science, and has been a lecturer in Psychology since 1995. He serves on the editorial boards of Applied Cognitive Psychology and Network: Computation in Neural Systems. His research principally involves the perception of faces and what kind of representations we might use: how do we tell whether two different faces are the same or different people? He has developed EvoFIT, a novel holistic facial composite system.

Wine+Beer+Bread+Cheese reception afterwards in the Psychology concourse.


Friday, 28 February, 2020 - 16:00 to Saturday, 29 February, 2020 - 15:45
Peter Hancock
University of Stirling
F21 7 George Square