Pitch Masterclasses (2015 & 2016 cohorts)

This half day training session will cover the following:

Understand what makes an effective pitch

- Get clear on the objective and the audience

- Students deliver pre-prepared pitches which are filmed

- Review the filmed pitches as a group and provide feedback

- Reflections and action plan

Throughout the masterclass the following learning areas will be addressed:

- Clarifying the Objective (includes specific questions for gaining a thorough understanding of the audience and the information they require)

- Creating the Content (includes how to open and close with impact, what elements to include in the pitch and what to leave out, techniques to bring the pitch to life)

- Communicating with Confidence (includes how to prepare mind, body and voice, techniques for managing nerves, the importance of confident and credible body language, engaging the audience and building rapport)

The session will be highly interactive and incorporate accelerated learning techniques to help embed the knowledge. Exercises will include group discussions, sharing of experiences, pair work and individual activities that will allow for a thorough understanding of the material covered.


Monday, 25 September, 2017 - 09:00 to Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 - 12:45
Robotarium seminar room Heriot-Watt University