IPAB Seminar: Hybrid Reasoning for Robotics using Answer Set Programming

There will be an IPAB/CISA seminar on 03/10/2019 at 12:45 in G.03, IF.  Esra Erdem (Subanci University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences) will be speaking.

Title:   Hybrid Reasoning for Robotics using Answer Set Programming

Abstract: Hybrid reasoning for robotics necessitates combining discrete high-level reasoning with continuous feasibility checks and perception. We propose to address such hybrid reasoning problems with a causality-based approach using Answer Set Programming (ASP). The idea is (i) to represent the robotic actions and change in a high-level language of ASP, which allows embedding continuous feasibility checks into logical formulas by means of formal interfaces, and (ii) to compute feasible solutions to hybrid reasoning problems using state-of-the-art ASP solvers and relevant feasibility checkers within a modular architecture. We discuss this hybrid approach in the context of two main reasoning tasks: planning of robotic actions for a feasible execution, and explanation generation of failures via diagnostic reasoning. We illustrate its applications in different robotic domains.

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 - 12:45 to Friday, 4 October, 2019 - 13:45
Esra Erdem
Subanci University
Informatics Forum G.03