International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Mental Health - SOCIAL AI CDT - University of Glasgow

Students are encouraged to attend this international workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health hosted by the SOCIAL AI CDT at the University of Glasgow.

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10.00 - 11.00:    The role of habits in health behaviour: Challenges and opportunities for digital interventions - Esther Papies - University of Glasgow

11.00 -12.00:      Putting the social interaction at the center of mental health analysis and modeling with AI-based approaches - Mohamed Chetouani - Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

12.00 - 13.00:    Computational Psychometrics integrating artificial intelligence, virtual reality and mental health - Pietro Cipresso - Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano

13.00 - 14.00:    Lunch Break

14.00 - 15.00:    Speech analysis for mental health: opportunities and challenges - Nicholas (Nick) Cummins - King's College London, London

15.00 - 16.00:    Social Signal Processing in Attachment - Helen Minnis - University of Glasgow, Glasgow

16.00 - 17.00:    Panel and Final Remarks

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Tuesday, 8 June, 2021 - 10:00 to 17:00
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