Gateway Event: Robotic surgery and its challenges

Abstract: From sci-fi we know what we want from surgical robotics; basically, it's simple: super human performance, speed, and precision without trembling, without mistakes ... reaching minimally-invasively deep into the human body, but reacting adequately, gently, and quickly to any unforeseen event, sharing the work space with the legacy human OR staff. And will the surgeon become obsolete anytime soon? Let’s look at the state of the art in robotics, industry robotics, as well as surgical robotics that we do have today. How does the reality in the operating theater look like today?

What do we do at OtoJig and why is our envisioned system certainly almost completely unlike a surgical robot? What are the/our main challenges to bring a robot into the OR? How to navigate the human body securely and precisely? Regulatory requirements, reimbursements, and patients reservations are further deliberations for medical robotics. What might the future of robotic surgeries look like?

Bio: Samuel John, born in eastern Germany in 1982, studied informatics and natural sciences at Bielefeld University with the specialization on neural networks and robotics. Quantum informatics and number theory remained a hobby. After that, at Honda Research Institute (Europe), he worked with the ASIMO humanoid robot and investigated generative models for computer vision. That is where he learned to love the Python programming language and its machine learning eco system. From 2013 onwards he worked as a project leader at HörSys GmbH, Hannover, applying machine learning algorithms to clinical data sets in hearing research and CT imaging. He co-authored an international patent application, which will enable minimally-invasive inner ear implantation surgeries involving a sterile robotic manufacturing process during the surgery. Based on the invention, he approached investors and co-founded OtoJig GmbH in 2018 where he is now CEO, leading a small team to bring the cochlear implantation surgery of tomorrow to market.

Friday, 26 October, 2018 - 15:00 to Saturday, 27 October, 2018 - 15:45
Samuel John
OtoJig GmbH
Robotarium, Heriot-Watt University