Creativity@Home training programme 25 -26 April

A fast paced, intellectually stimulating and highly interactive 2 day workshop bringing an evidence based approach to generating ideas and design thinking for real world challenges in robotics. Students will learn how to think big, spot new research possibilities, solve tricky problems and generate ideas. They’ll also learn new skills to support communication and collaboration when thinking collectively about complex problems. Students will be inspired and engaged through examples, illustration, stimulating exercises and activities and equipped with a toolkit of approaches they can apply to their current research and future work.

Day One: Toolbox Building: Creativity and Collaboration

Skllfluence (training provider) will start by setting the scene, providing brief context on RAS2020 and the identified domains.

Students will learn a range of standalone tools and processes to think freely, generate ideas on their own and in groups. They will be introduced to core creativity techniques; we’ll explain how to use them and the circumstances when they are most useful and relevant. Students will try out the individual techniques in cross-cohort teams and begin ideation on their own research challenges. They will define them, generate ideas and work through an iterative process to develop unexpected possible solutions using a whole team approach to build on ideas.

Day 2: Innovation Project: Exploration and Application

Having learned a range of tools on Day 1 now teams have to think about which ones they want to use to identify and address an area of research and work out what techniques will be best suited to their team.  Skillfluence will facilitate the exploration of innovation processes, share how these can be understood, developed and applied to solve problems and express ideas. Teams will explore big ideas, work out ways of applying them and reach consensus on which one to pursue that will have a significant impact on society. By the end of Day 2 the teams will share their new idea or concept by pitching to the whole group.



Wednesday, 25 April, 2018 - 00:00 to 23:45
Robotarium seminar room