CISA (et al) Seminar: Multiagent Learning: Foundations and Recent Trends

Next Monday Feburary 5th from 2-3pm Stefano Albrecht will present parts of a tutorial given at the IJCAI'17 conference (

Multiagent Learning: Foundations and Recent Trends (IJCAI'17 Tutorial)

Interaction between multiple autonomous agents is a core area of research in artificial intelligence. The ability to learn how to interact from experience has emerged as a useful paradigm to handle scenarios in which elements of the environment are unknown beforehand (such as the behaviours of other agents) or which are too complex to be solved by decision-theoretic planners. This tutorial will provide a comprehensive introduction to multiagent learning, including foundational concepts in game theory and different methodologies developed in artificial intelligence research. The tutorial will also discuss some recent trends in multiagent learning research, such as ad hoc teamwork and deep reinforcement learning.


Monday, 5 February, 2018 - 14:00 to Tuesday, 6 February, 2018 - 13:45
Stefano Albrecht
University of Edinburgh
Informatics Forum 4.31/4.33