CANCELLED: AI or Sci-Fi? Is this a step too far?

Abstract: Described as ‘ground breaking research’, a current study by Dr Chris Papadopoulos and colleagues at the University of Bedfordshire, are testing and evaluating the impact of robots’ upon care home clients’ health and wellbeing. The Pepper robots designed and marketed by Softbank Robotics are being developed to be culturally aware. Professor Irene Papadopoulos, Professor of Transcultural Health and Nursing has been responsible for developing the culturally aware robots set to assist in caring for older people.

So, what is the potential for assistive and intelligent robots to contribute and improve patient safety, quality of care and efficiency of health and social care services? Whilst we may well ponder and debate this, alongside the associated implications for the future nursing profession and the public, I wonder whether opportunities do exist. The reality of health and social care delivery is that it takes place across a range of diverse settings. With a current programme of research focused on prison health and alcohol related harm, my personal interest leads me to consider whether robots could deliver health care in the prison setting? The focus of the seminar will be to give an insight into some of the prison health research we undertake and the challenges we face. Could robots be part of the solution or would this be a step too far?

Bio: Aisha began her Nursing education and training 30 years ago, registering as an Adult Nurse in 1992, with clinical experience in General Medicine, Acute Medical Admissions and Intensive Care.

Her overarching research programme has a public health and alcohol related harm focus underpinned by strong professional health policy leadership. The main aims of the programme are to reduce the risks and harms of alcohol in society and to influence and shape alcohol policy.  Together this programme of work focuses on impact, ensuring influence at all levels. This links directly to her work with regards professional and political leadership collaborations and partnership with Governments and other health policy stakeholders. Here she advises, influences, informs and shapes nurse led research informed alcohol policy and the global positioning of the nursing profession. She was a Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholar, has been a member of a number of government advisory boards and is currently Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in the USA.

Friday, 5 October, 2018 - 15:00 to Saturday, 6 October, 2018 - 14:45
Prof. Aisha Holloway
University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh (MF2)