Robotarium-East Equipment

Motec VGait Instrumented Treadmill

This is a split-belt instrumented treadmill from Motek Medical. Each belt can be moved independently, which allows us to emulate certain gait disorders e.g. limping, and the treadmill supports dynamic changes of pitch and sway which can be used to investigate gait in different walking conditions or to introduce disturbances to test gait stability.

Kuka YouBot Mobile Platform Team

The YouBot is a small, versatile mobile robot, designed as an educational robot platform that is also useful for rapidly prototyping ideas involving several mobile robots. The YouBot consists of an omnidirectional platform, with a 5 DOF arm and a 2-finger gripper. Our YouBots come equipped with an array of touch sensors mounted in a custom made harness, to allow for the robots to be used in contact prone environments.

Within ECR, we have used the YouBots for autonomous and multi-robot navigation experiments.

It is available in a few other UK locations.

Baxter Robot

Baxter is a two-armed industrial robot with an animated face. It is 5'10" – 6'3" tall with a pedestal, and weighs 306 lbs including the pedestal. It is designed to be used for simple industrial jobs such as loading, unloading, sorting, and handling of materials, in small and medium-sized companies.

Within ECR, we use Baxter for a variety of table-top manipulation experiments, and as a teleoperation platform for developing human-robot interface technologies.

Baxter is available in a few other UK locations.

PR2 Humanoid

The PR2 is a “personal robot”, designed as a common hardware and software platform for robot researchers. The PR2 has two 7-DOF arms with a payload of 1.8 kilograms, and a rich suite of sensors including a 5-megapixel camera, a tilting laser range finder, and an inertial measurement unit