Field Systems

Kuka YouBot Mobile Platform Team

The YouBot is a small, versatile mobile robot, designed as an educational robot platform that is also useful for rapidly prototyping ideas involving several mobile robots. The YouBot consists of an omnidirectional platform, with a 5 DOF arm and a 2-finger gripper. Our YouBots come equipped with an array of touch sensors mounted in a custom made harness, to allow for the robots to be used in contact prone environments.

Within ECR, we have used the YouBots for autonomous and multi-robot navigation experiments.

It is available in a few other UK locations.

Baxter Robot

Baxter is a two-armed industrial robot with an animated face. It is 5'10" – 6'3" tall with a pedestal, and weighs 306 lbs including the pedestal. It is designed to be used for simple industrial jobs such as loading, unloading, sorting, and handling of materials, in small and medium-sized companies.

Within ECR, we use Baxter for a variety of table-top manipulation experiments, and as a teleoperation platform for developing human-robot interface technologies.

Baxter is available in a few other UK locations.