Scanning Arm

Model: Romer Absolute Arm - 7 Axis SI
Manufacturer: Hexagon Metrology
Specifications: 2.5m, Accur ± 0.038 mm
Applications: Quality control, installation and tolerance control , precise measurements, precise laser scanning, reverse engineering

It is widely available at other UK locations.

Laser Cutter

Model: Fusion 32
Manufacturer: Epilog
Specifications: 60W CO2 Working area 812x508mm (32"x20")
Applications: marking, engraving, screen printing, press-fit construction

It is widely available at other UK locations

CNC Router

Model: ShopBot PRS Alpha 96-60
Manufacturer: PRS Alpha
Specifications: 2.2kW, 20 000rpm spindle, Working area 2440 x 1520 x 150mm ( 96"x 60"x 6")
Applications: Large scale models, Mouldings, architectural elements, furniture elements

It is widely available at other UK locations.

Multisense SL

Tri-modal Sensor (Laser, 3D stereo and Video) Combined in a Rugged Unit with Single GigE Output.  Used for mapping and localisation.

Available at a few other UK locations.

Protolaser U3 System

Model: Protolaser U3
Manufacturer: LPKF
Specifications: Wavelength 355 nm, Working area 229 x 305 x 10 mm (9” x 12” x 0.4”)       
Applications: Structuring laminated substrates, Cutting rigid, flex-rigid and flexible materials, Drilling and machining ceramics, Structuring TCO/ITO, etc.

The Protolaser U3 System is widely available at other UK Locations.

Motec VGait Instrumented Treadmill

This is a split-belt instrumented treadmill from Motek Medical. Each belt can be moved independently, which allows us to emulate certain gait disorders e.g. limping, and the treadmill supports dynamic changes of pitch and sway which can be used to investigate gait in different walking conditions or to introduce disturbances to test gait stability.