Autonomous Systems Research

All RAS CDT students are required to study the “Autonomous Systems Research” course. This is a 30-point course, open only to students in the RAS CDT MSc year, offered in the autumn semester at Heriot-Watt University.

The goals of this course are threefold:

  • to give students a broad overview of the current research landscape in robotics and autonomous system,
  • to give students an appreciation for practical robotics research mainly in industry and
  • teach students to plan research projects.

The main component of the course consists of guest lectures by potential PhD supervisors in the CDT and presentations from the industrial partners. Each presenter will give an overview of the research landscape in their area, including research currently being done in their group. In some cases the seminar format may be replaced by a day-visit to company premises. In this innovative module, students will pick a technology theme (from amongst the six in the Centre themes), and write a series of (mock) project proposals on the state of the art in current research. Assessment will be based on a portfolio with both written and oral presentation. The feedback process following the project proposals will expose students to discussion with potential PhD supervisors.