Dr. Theo Lim

Dr. Lim's research covers developing and profiling non-conventional interfaces and applications for VR environments, knowledge engineering, and human factors evaluation. His research emphasis is on the conceptual design of products and integrated systems, game-based approaches for engineering, and neurometrics. He is currently investigating the impact of digitalization and novel digitization methods that enable symbiotic services between humans and machines. The application area is in Industry 4.0, bio-cybernetics on the development of 'living' autonomous machinery (e.g. nature-inspired mirco and macro-scale robots).   His applied approach has seen his work commercialized by industries such as Renishaw, Pathtrace and RPLogic.

Research keywords: 
Visualisation, haptic interfaces, manufacturing
Human Robot Interaction
Machine Learning and AI (inc. multi-agent systems)
Robot Design and Soft Robotics
Bioinspired Approaches
0131 451 4353
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