Prof. Mohan Sridharan

I am broadly interested in cognition and control in robots and humans. My primary research interests include knowledge representation and reasoning, cognitive systems, interactive learning, and control systems. I develop algorithms and architectures that: (a) represent, reason, and act reliably and efficiently with qualitative and quantitative descriptions of commonsense domain knowledge and uncertainty; (b) learn interactively and cumulatively from noisy multimodal sensor cues; and (c) enable designers to understand the behavior of robots and humans, and to establish that this behavior satisfies desired properties. I pursue an integrated cognitive systems approach, jointly addressing the underlying challenges by drawing on and deepening our understanding of human cognition and control. Furthermore, I develop such algorithms to enhance autonomy in other application domains.

Research keywords: 
Knowledge representation and reasoning, cognitive systems, interactive learning, control systems, human-robot collaboration.
Control and Motion Planning
Vision and Perception
Human Robot Interaction
Machine Learning and AI (inc. multi-agent systems)
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