Dr. Carlos Mastalli

Carlos Mastalli is an Assistant Professor in the National Robotarium at Heriot-Watt University. He is the head of the Robot Motor Intelligence (RoMI) lab, which focuses on creating motor intelligence in legged robots.

Carlos is specialized in legged robotics, optimal control and numerical optimization, and has pioneering work in these fields such as Crocoddyl (an open-source library).

Before joining Heriot-Watt University, he conducted cutting-edge research in several world-leading labs: Italian Institute of Technology (Italy), LAAS-CNRS (France), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), and University of Edinburgh (UK). He completed his thesis in 2017 under the topic "Planning and Execution of Dynamic Whole-Body Locomotion on Challenging Terrain". Carlos also led and drove important deliverables in the EU MEMMO and Orcahub projects, he is also leading the steering committed of Crocoddyl.

Personal website: https://cmastalli.github.io

Lab website: www.romilab.org

Research keywords: 
Legged robotics, Optimal control, Numerical optimization, Reinforcement learning, Model predictive control, Motion planning, Robot computational design,
Control and Motion Planning
Human Robot Interaction
Machine Learning and AI (inc. multi-agent systems)
Robot Design and Soft Robotics
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