Omoni Elekima

Research project title: 
Cooperative Control of Drilling Equipment
Research project: 

As the population of the world increases,the demand for energy also increases.Oil and gas forms a significant percentage of that energy supply.In effect,the demand for for oil and gas comtinues to increase.The demand has driven exploration and production companies to explore for oil and gas in more hostile environmentshis puts the lives of workers at risk and also increases the risk of equipment failure.Automation has been identified as the solution to these problems.Automation of the various tasks of the drilling process will increase efficiency,reduce the risk of injury or death by reducing the number of workers needed on a rig, and also help reduce emissions.The aim of the project is to find ways in which teams comprising of humans and robots can work together to achieve complex tasks in drilling operations.The particular areas of research interest will be:

  •  Delivery and execution monitoring of collaborative plans.

The ultimate goal here is to develop an intelligent system which is able to develop a drilling plan based on geological data which has been fed to it.The system should be able to suggest to the human operator the cons and pros of the different drilling plans.Based on this information ,the human operator can select a plan which suits him to complete the task at hand.The human operator will be able to monitor the drilling process in real time and can aslo interfere if necessary.

  •  Developing and maintaining trust between the human and automated parts of the system.

For teams comprising of humans and robots to work together successfully,there must be some level of trust.The human should be able to tell what the robot is doing and what its going to do next.The human should also be confident that the robot would not put his/her life in danger.Likewise the robot should be able to predict to an extent what the human wants to do and also not put the human's life in danger.This is very important when working in a high ris environment such as the drilling rig.To achieve this task resaerch will focus on how the senses of touch,sight and hearing can be incorporated in the robotic system to enable accurate communication between the robot and the human to help build and maintian trust.

  •  Dynamically changing activities in response to unexpected events/changes in priorities.

The ability to quickly respond to changes in the environment and quickly adapt to them is one of the characteristics of an intelligent being.During the drilling process,the human and the drillbit are thousands of feet apart. The distance reduces the quality of communictaion between the human and the machine which leads to slow reactions to unexpected events which may occur downhole. The goal is to develop an intelligent system which can detect any problems downhole,take action swiftly before notifying the human of the problem.

About me: 

I have A BEng in Petroleum and  Mechanical Engineering.I am interested in making industrial process more efficent and safe by making machines more intelligent.I am interested in policies that affect energy,economic development and social development.I am also interested in finance and the capital markets and also religion.