Dr. Maurice Fallon

I am Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburghas well as a Chancellor’s Fellow. I am a Principal Investigator in the Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control Group. Until 2015 I was a Research Scientist at MIT, where I am still involved with our Darpa Robotics Challenge team – a multi-year competition developing technologies for semi-autonomous humanoid robotic exploration and manipulation led by Professor Russ Tedrake.

My research is focused on probabilistic methods for localization, tracking and mapping. Recently I have had the opportunity to contribute to state estimation and autonomy for humanoid robotics.

I previously worked with John Leonard and Seth Teller in CSAIL, MIT first as a Post Doc and then as a Research Scientist. I completed my PhD in 2008, studying with Simon Godsill in the Signal Processing Group of the University of Cambridge.

Research keywords: 
Localization, Mapping; Humanoid perception and planning