James Garforth

Research project title: 
Navigation and Mapping of Natural Environments
Principal goal for project: 
Improvements to Monocular SLAM that allow reliable large scale mapping of forests and other traditionally difficult environments.
Research project: 

The aim of this work is to improve robotic navigation techniques for use in entirely natural environments, such as forests. It is undertaken in collaboration with neuroscientists tracking animals for behavioural experiments and geoscientists performing large scale forest monitoring.

There is a great deal of literature in robotics on visual Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM), but the common environments for their use are well-organised and structured by human beings, so the solutions produced do not necessarily perform well in complex, dynamic natural environments. We are investigating the limitations of the state of the art in this setting and developing improvements to address them.

About me: 

Research interests: Vision, Navigation, Localisation, Mapping, Reconstruction, Bio-inspired Robotics

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Current student