We are pleased to announce funding of the new National Robotarium. See here for a press-release and here for the website. 

The new National Robotarium will expand on the current facilities which comprises of four integrated and interconnected components. It is available to researchers inside and outside the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics as well as industry as a national UK facility.

  1. Interaction Spaces for humans and robots to work together in physically separate indoor spaces (ROBOTARIUM West and East),

  2. Field Robotic Systems (comprising humanoids and unmanned vehicles) for operations inside or outside the spaces.

  3. MOBOTARIUM, a human driven sensorised and connected mobile vehicle for data assimilation/situation awareness and interaction for an operator with robots and intelligent agents in the field.

  4. These are underpinned by a set of Enabling Facilities comprising rapid prototyping and micro-assembly equipment for fabrication and inexpensive duplication of novel (bioinspired) robot embodiments, their sensors and their on-board computing. Also, state of the art computing accelerators with programmable hardware to develop power efficient computation suitable for autonomous deployments.

Together, these create an integrated capability unique in the world, for exploring collaborative interaction between remote teams of humans, robots and their environments at all levels. It is transformational in the range of robot scales and environments that can be experimentally configured, and in the way the study of physical interaction through robot embodiment can be linked to the study of human interaction/ expression, robot collaboration and real in-field remote operations for mapping and intervention.