Impedance Compensation Type Robotic Assistance for Hand Manipulation

To implement impedance compensation type robotic assistance for hand drawing on a notepad adaptive to user specific needs; to investigate the impact of impedance parameters – stiffness, damping, an mass – on robotic assistance; to develop and devise experiments with different types of artificial disturbances in order to understand the impact of the parameters; to develop adaptive impedance compensation for optimal robotic assistance.
Description of the Project: 

Recently, the Supervisor has developed the “impedance compensation type robotic assistance” scheme for skilled hand manipulations. In this scheme, there are few parameters that impact the performance and efficacy of the robotic assistant. These are the mass, damping, and stiffness parameters of the impedance compensation and the two weighing coefficients of the Kalman filter used to estimate the intended hand movement. In this project, the impact of these five parameters will be analysed while subjects perform hand drawing with the assistance of a KUKA iiwa Light Weight robot arm. The analysis will make use of an analogy to the analysis of the impact of the proportional, integral, and derivative coefficients of a PID controller on the step response of a controlled system. The results of the analysis will be used to develop an adaptive impedance compensation type robotic assistance for hand drawing on the notepad. The robotic assistant will adapt to the user needs in real-time depending on how she is performing.



Project number: 
First Supervisor: 
Heriot-Watt University
Second Supervisor(s): 
Essential skills and knowledge: 
Robotics (robot arm kinematics, force-inertia-position relations) and fundamental knowledge of control systems (PID control).
Desirable skills and knowledge: 
Machine learning, adaptive control.
Funding Available: 
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