Hints for MResRAS coursework and thesis

Dates and specification may change!

Contact your mentor/supervisor for details

Robotics Research Report (RRR)

Due S2 week 1, up to 10 pages including

  • Introduction: Motivation for an interest in the topic
  • Literature review including critical evalutation of existing approach
  • Formulate a working hypothesis to guide further research on the problem
  • Discussion of potential failure, workarounds, fall-back options, impact, commercialisation etc.
  • Literature list

Please include a statement: "I would [not] like to continue this project as my thesis project"


Robotics Research Proposal (RRP)

Due last week S2 teaching, up to 25 pages including

  • Introduction
  • Focused literature review
  • Working hypothesis
  • Approach or model
  • Possibly first results: Evidence for suitability of approach or model by pilot implementation or proof of concept model
  • Discussion of generalisability and applicability in target area
  • Literature list

See specification at respective school.